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The Online Dating (POF) Diaries

Well, as some of you may know (via my rolex or use the credit for something else thread) I've recently become single. Decided to give the online dating thing a try for entertainment. Made an account on POF (Plenty of Fish) and this will chronicle the dates I have with suzys from the website. Pics and stories to follow (2 dates with 2 different suzys, funny stories already, lol )

Suzy #1

Meet for dinner and drinks. 1st strike she shows up 25 min late (she did call saying she was stuck in traffic, but also said that she thought she could just go 80mph and make the 45 min drive in 30.. in rush hour traffic ).

Dinner goes decently, but she talks like she just got her tongue pierced... she didn't have a tongue ring.

Kicker of it all was at the end of the night, walk her back to her car, she parked in the same parking garage as I did. I took her parking ticket, paid the $1, and handed it back to her. Said goodnight and she followed behind me to exit the garage. I put my validated ticket in, gate goes up and I pull through... I see in my rear view mirror that she decided to piggy back me and starts to pull through! The gate comes down and slams at the top of her windshield on her jeep. Now, I'm thinking that someone that's startleted by a gate slamming on their car would stop... NOPE, she continues to give it gas and scrapes the gate across the topline of her jeep, lol. I stop and get out of my car and ask her wtf she was doing - why did you pull through, why didn't you put your ticket in?! She tells me she thought she was supposed to follow me, claims I didn't give her ticket back to her and after searching her jeep for a few seconds, finds the ticket. There will be no 2nd date.

Suzy #2

Meet up with this girl at a place called Lucky Strike - bowling, bar, and game place. Actually a really chill person, sarcastic, good sense of humor, and knows her college football.

Our teams are big rivals (UM/MSU) so there was a lot of smack talk. We bowled a few games, had a few drinks and overall had a nice time. (and yeah, she beat me 2 out of the 3 games we bowled )

Date #2 is dinner at her house this week. She claims she'll answer the door in a g-string and bra... we'll see if she's all talk.

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