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Originally Posted by 330CiJohn View Post
Oh c'mon Solly, you are giving this guy a hardtime, but you rofl at a video of you being a dick to a chick?

Originally Posted by RenJ View Post
Only size I could pull from her profile

That's good, not claiming I have the best stories of all time. I'm not e46CI. Let's hear some of yours then.

Dude, this site is entertaining to say the least! It's the divorcee, single mom, cougar past her prime capital of the internet.

Goes back to college, all my buddies and I came up with the nickname of "Suzy" for any random girls.

How am I a clown? I'm a single guy that's going to date, and POF and online dating for that matter is pretty freaking entertaining, just figured I'd share my stories with the girls I meet. I'm just an average guy, sharing my account on an experience.

And expose me on what exactly? I'm not claiming this to be a I hope they serve beer in hell account of what happens. I'm not using names, I've posted the same pics that they've made public on their profile, which are able to be viewed by anyone online...
haha my fault guys, I thought you were going to share stories of how they're blowing you or whatever lol
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