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Originally Posted by DylloS View Post
haha my fault guys, I thought you were going to share stories of how they're blowing you or whatever lol
Haha, no, not so much. It's all good man

Originally Posted by evolved View Post
lol @ #1. She sounds dumb as hell.
Lol, she was like a box of rocks. Forgot to mention that when we walked back to her car, her driver side window was gone. I thought someone had broken in while we were eating... nope, she forgot to roll it back up after getting the ticket when pulling into the garage. Her response "oh whoops, haha"

Originally Posted by ZimZimma328Ci View Post
Better man than I on #1, if she wasn't showing up in a bra and gstring on date 1 being 25 minutes late, she would have been having dinner with herself.

Both cute girls though
Lol, I told her on the phone that the last person to show picks up the tab for dinner... there was dead silence. And if the food wasn't so damn good at this place, I would've bounced!

I did talk to her later and told her that it was disrespectful to be so late and that it essentially meant she thought her time was more valuable than mine. This was after she told me she's habitually late... something I can not handle.

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