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THIS IS WHAT U NEED TO DO! U need to balance the Weight on the Coils. This is what I recommend for the best way to go. It will save the your coilover from unnecessary wear and tear from unbalance Coils and to reduce danger as well.

Quote: but I would rather avoid this because they are 1hr 30min away in traffic and they told me it would cost $300 or so to have my suspension tuned.
You can guess by counting the threads on the sleeve on both sides and make sure they are equal.

Then use these Alignment Specs. Great on tire wear and performance. Both side should be equal if not you will have pull and other issues.


Camber = -1.5
Toe = .00 or .01


Camber = -1.5 or -1.7
Toe = .01

Originally Posted by TrickTizzle View Post
Either they dont know how to adjust rear toe, or your rear trailing arm is bent
No, reason its not adj. The rear need a Special tool to adj, but you can get by with a Pry Bar.

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