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Originally Posted by sgplayer69 View Post
Hi guys,
well now that the insurance company has deemed my car totaled due to the mix of my curb fiasco and ludicrous tow damage , I'm now in the market for a new car with the insurance money. I've seen a few on here for around that price, give or take 2k, but trying to stay around 15. I love the ZHP, but I can't seem to find the full leather seat/perforated leather steering wheel combo anywhere. So now I'm looking at a cheaper M.

Some requirements, only 2 really:
1. 6 speed manual
2. powered, heated seats (if the price is good enough, I'd compromise the heated and prob retrofit, need it for cold NY climates)

1. Preferably a non-grey interior, not my favorite interior color, but will compromise of course
2. HK Sound System
3. Aux or iPod hookup (gotta listen to my tunes)

I'd prefer the car to have under 100,000 miles. If it's over that, the interior should be in very good condition, as I've noticed that things like the steering wheel suffer around that high mileage.

Also, I have no problem looking at Rebuilt cars, as long as the accident wasn't too horrible, and the car has been driven for a decent amount of miles with no issues from the accident. Alright that's my request, just trying to get some exposure to the M market, dunno how successful I'll be. If you guys have any advice/input/etc., it'd be much appreciated. Please no bashing, it's crazy unhelpful, so just constructive.


P.S. I also prefer local, within 75-100mi, just because it makes things so much easier

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