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Only to a certain extent can water spots be removed...

I've detailed cars that had water spots and I was able to remove most of them, but if you looked at them under a direct fluorescent light, you could still see them. The reason is that water spots are PERMANENT. Most can be removed to a degree with which they cannot be seen easily anymore, but the fact is that they are still there. The water chemically etches itself into the glass which is why no manner of scrubbing will remove them.


Eastwood Company (those who restore classic cars have probably heard of this company) sells a couple products that are designed to actually polish the glass and remove pits, scratches, and surface contaminants that regular cleaners cannot. These products are also successful in removing water spots (as I have done this method on my classic 72' El Camino).

Here is one such product:
Diamondite Glass Cleaning System

And here is another product:
Glass Polishing Kit

Another great thing about these products is that they remove wiper haze. I have used the product on my parents daily drivers and you would not believe the difference. The glass really looks new, and all the pits and scratches that cause glare during daylight driving are removed.

This is the most industrial hardcore manner of tackling the water spots. If you want it done right, use these professional products!
- Justin

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