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Originally Posted by Benga01 View Post
Which fluid type do you suggest?
I had my car on the lift today in my friends garage and i was inside the car attempting to drive while he was under checking where the noise comes from. Its hard to say, he thinks its transfer case. We checked fluid level on back and front differentials, transfer case and gearbox. It all looks good, plenty of fluid and it doesnt look/smell burnt.
Anyway, will do the flush tomorrow.
I hope its cdv making this noise cause transfer case is not cheap at all. Do transfer cases have high failure rate on manual transmissions in our cars?
I use ate superblue for the brakes/clutch. Redline fluids for the driveline- 75w90 in the diffs, D4 in the TC, and a D4/MTL mix in the gearbox.

I would do all the fluids anyway and have a good look at the TC mount.

No the TC's don't have a high failure rate at your mileage.

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