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Flybot, you didn't offend me, don't worry about it. I know my English isn't perfect, it wasn't easy for me to write the instructions and i was expecting that i made some mistakes.

About the points 4 and 8, like Jeff said, if i connect a USB memory stick to Dynavins DVD-USB port, my unit always turns on automatically. But i will add "turn on the Dynavin if it doesn't start automatically" to the instruction points 4 and 8.

The fact that you didn't have the BMW loading screen before you updated doesn't mean anything. I have the newest firmware with BMW and also with DVD loading logo. Dynavin probably has it also with their own logo.

Both are good suggestions.
Selecting radio presets: I also had my troubles with this, i was also expecting it to work the other way, but i have get used to it. Actually it works same (wrong) way for DTV also. I didn't talk about this with Dynavin, because i was thinking i was the only one who thinks it should be the other way.
About interface look. I don't use the iPod but i can understand what you are talking about. I find that the USB screen also looks too different from the radio and source select screens. I talked about this with Dynavin and they said that they can't change it. So probably they can't change the iPod screen also.
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