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Originally Posted by maxi View Post
I have post same vids for my car has the same prob exactly, plus it can be happen when turn the AC off ( it will dip to 500 ).

every body said that this normal. but in my openion this is not normal at all. there is somthing wrong. it wasnt like that before right? so how it's normal?!!

Maybe it's not big problem, but it's not normal too.

I didnt have time to chech my ICV, but I have checked for vacum leak, found nothing.

Please update us if find the cause or the selution of this.


Your 100% right pal, that's not normal at all. I know because my current e46 works perfectly and doesn't give a **** about it if I turn AC on or off, there's not even a slight change in engine operation nor fluctuating idle or such.
But my previous car did exactly what you described.

The first person who ever solves fluctuating/rough idle and roughing with AC on or when the whether is high will be celebrated as a ****ing hero.
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