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Originally Posted by wdeerfield View Post
Ive got the rhino ramps and i can get up them no problem and they are 1/4 the price of these.

btw. where is the signup on that site? I cant seem to find it.
I don't see how rhino ramps compare.

Rhino Ramps 12000
Angle 17 degrees
Height 6 inches
2-piece No
Price $56

Race Ramps 56/68
Angle 10 degrees
Height 8/10 inches
2-piece Yes
Price $233/$342

If you need the lower angle, want the higher lift, want to work from the side of the car, or want a safer product then Race Ramps is a better product. If you don't need those features then Rhino Ramps are fine, but they still don't compare.

Me, I'll use jack stands until I can afford some RR-56-2 or RR-68-2 ramps.
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