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Originally Posted by charlesrock View Post
thanks guys, im going to get my ICV cleaned and hopefully solves the minor problem!
You know, you have time to plan the trip and take care of lots of stuff while you're there okay...the list is clean maf, disa, icv, tb...replace rubber behind disa, icv, tb. Replace lower intake boot and get new clamps just in case you get frustrated and want to cut off that one on the tb turned upside down often that gives everyone headaches. The icv grommet is optional, I suppose...but I did it...figured at my then mileage of something like 180K miles...all rubber had done its time. I also lubed my tb cable (if you have one...prolly not) and also sealed the loose vac hose on upper intake boot.

You up on all other maintenance? filters, plugs, fluid changes, etc? Just saying...I love recommending maintenance...and use SolidJake's vid for icv...the hot bikini babes really make it worthwhile viewing in any case!

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