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Originally Posted by Hukerfaker View Post
You are dude from hell dmax. This forum would be nothing without you
Thanks, Huker, but the forum would be nothing without all the guys on the forum I learned everything from. Aside from Bentley...this, and formerly bmwdigest for my e36, is where I learned everything from. I got good at searching...thanks to seeing what happens to noobs when they don't...and since I care about the car...studied long and hard...and then just remember and regurgitate (I know...putting it politely from what some think!).

Anyway...I'm just a current messenger and there are many of us...never enough...but many...and most know far more than me about lots. But, I'll take credit for typing quickly and writing as thoroughly as I can...much to the dismay of many!

Anyway...will take that as your appreciation for fanatics....the forum, the people, and the search feature! LOL

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