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Originally Posted by Orion329 View Post
impressive work radarcontact, thanks for the shoutout.

did you notice any negative changes in bass when you put on the stealth panel?

i liked your front door mounts--good staging is really hard to accomplish when mounting to the door metal. if you didn't already, i'd advise sealing up the MDF mounts. took a look at mine after i lost the old car and they had pillowed up a bit around the edges from moisture. i wouldn't want to see your clean install getting messed up.

... still floored by your sub enclosure design. nice.
Hey, thanks buddy!

Good call on the MDF...didn't even think about that!

The stealth may have actually helped. It definitely didn't hurt. I left space on each side for the air to load up the trunk still, so it doesn't contain the pressure by any means. I say it may have helped because theoretically since the woofers are firing at 180 degrees to each other, and are so symmetrically placed in the trunk, I got concerned about frequency cancellation. (Think pool table). Having the board play interference possibly "mixes things up" a bit. No way to confirm.

My biggest gripe is the factory grills. I think I could have it sound a lot more transparent had they used a better design on them (both locations).

Also, I'm so pleased with the current setup, I'm going to forego replacing the rears. No need.
If I decide to go stage 2 (DSP, center channel) then I will. But that's a lot of $$, and a lot of wife pandering from now!!
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