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Arrow The Official Call of Duty and Black Ops Thread (XBOX 360 edition!)

Ok boys, lets get the roll call going. Please copy the list and paste your username and XBOX Gamertag at the end. I'll frequently update the original post so that we only have to refer to that in order to see all the usernames.

1.Bimmerfan08 - krumpetsandtea
2.Downwithbrown7 - X ISR X
3.@mir - MizaniMafia24
4.mikeluvdakids - mhicks88
6.iwannagofast - stopthisfall
7.RoLLiN247 - RoLLiN247
8.DylloS - sollyd23
9.kk325xi - d3ficit99
10. EvenPavementPlz - EvenPavementPlz
11.Tb151 - TRB151
12.Bimmer^Hue - xBimmerHue
13. alex_lee88 - kojo0513
14. GioF- Grim Reaper626 (space after "grim")
15.Uhhhmeeer- Uhhhmeeerrr
16.Gheybe - PrinceShagswell
17.acstunts - g35drvr
18.FadeToblack - vicewearsdotcom
19.DADON4SHO - Dadon4sho
20.blownE30M3 - ACURAT3
21.Back2Basics - GetSnipedRookie
22.Dominancex - RazziE46
23.poynter - shartedmypants assault - frgmfg
25.GreekLSBm3 - GreekM3
26.Dinan e46 - The situaation
27.Robizzle0191 - Robizzle0191
28.Blkweezie - Blkweezie
29.coco savage - c0c0 savage
30.shockin330i -shockin330i
33.PNoob- Hans Gruber13
34.NorthJersey 3er - Get2 tha BIMMAH
35.330CiJohn - John04Civic
36.E46revspeed - E46revspeed
37.yyhlhh - Devil YYH

The whole business of politics has been effectively subcontracted out to a band of professionals. Money people, outreach people, message people, research people. The rest of us are meant to feel like amateurs. In the sense of suckers. We become demotivated to learn more about how things work. We begin to opt out.

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