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Originally Posted by InDiGlOM3 View Post
Powerflex makes a e46 m3 "DIff" bushing kit?? I couldnt find anything from them.
That's the mistake everyone keeps making - everyone thinks you're talking about your subframe.

Food for thought - I'm not sure what Turner and Bimmerworld run, but I know of at least one team who runs alongside them in Grand-Am that uses only rubber bushings on their BMW racecar. I, too, only use rubber bushings on my racecar with the exception of billet aluminum/delrin combo subframe bushings.

If racecars can get away just fine with rubber, it shows you that street cars really don't need any solid or polyurethane bushings. If I was going to upgrade any bushings in my street car to "solid," it would be the subframe bushings - and I'd replace them with the billet aluminum/delrin combos - just like my racecar. Everything else would be kept rubber - especially the "moving" bits like FCABS, RTABS, and Differential bushings.

I just don't see the advantage of polyurethane. I've had them and I didn't notice any discernible difference.

Ultimately, the call is yours, but I honestly don't see the benefit.

Just my opinion, though.

Good luck

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