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Originally Posted by FTWeisse View Post
That's the mistake everyone keeps making - everyone thinks you're talking about your subframe.

Food for thought - I'm not sure what Turner and Bimmerworld run, but I know of at least one team who runs alongside them in Grand-Am that uses only rubber bushings on their BMW racecar. I, too, only use rubber bushings on my racecar with the exception of billet aluminum/delrin combo subframe bushings.

If racecars can get away just fine with rubber, it shows you that street cars really don't need any solid or polyurethane bushings. If I was going to upgrade any bushings in my street car to "solid," it would be the subframe bushings - and I'd replace them with the billet aluminum/delrin combos - just like my racecar. Everything else would be kept rubber - especially the "moving" bits like FCABS, RTABS, and Differential bushings.

I just don't see the advantage of polyurethane. I've had them and I didn't notice any discernible difference.

Ultimately, the call is yours, but I honestly don't see the benefit.

Just my opinion, though.

Good luck
Its not really for the feeling or a notice in performance, just a wont go bad ever type of thing. My factory bushing, the center part got ripped free from the whats to say that wont happen again, the bushings isnt rotted at all so not sure why it happened. But I ordered the solid ones because Ive talked to a few others that say they dont hear it as long as the subframe bushings themselves arnt solid or delrin and they have the interior still in.
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