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Originally Posted by 440films View Post
Thanks Darkoz. I have taken everyone's advice and cleared out that igo_8 file I made. I have cleaned up all the igo_8 stuff I could find and even copied in YOUR exact SYS.TXT file. After some trail and error and with a much cleaner SD Card I'm still getting the error:

failed to open ui_igo8/common/dayheightcolormap.bmp

It seems I still have this file hidden somewhere.
Delete the save folder in the main Primo folder before staring it up again, see if that helps.
Be careful when copying other's sys.txt file, I have certain TTS voice entries on mine that you probably don't have loaded on your copy of Primo
My advise when you're starting out fresh and figuring out how things work is to not have a sys.txt file at all until you get to know the program.

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