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**OFFICIAL** Ask an insurance adjuster anything...

Alright, so I'm getting tired of reading threads about accidents and then seeing thirty posts about how OP should call a lawyer because the insurance company is trying to screw him. So here goes. If you have any questions about an accident that you want to go through insurance, I will try to help as much as possible. If you have questions about rates, discounts, etc, I can't help with those.

I've worked for an insurance company for several years now. I work(ed) in Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC, but I may be able to answer questions outside of there as well.

Couple ground rules:

1. I will not write an estimate for you here. Don't post pictures and ask how much it's going to cost. People that give guesses on here are doing just that, giving guesses. They don't have a parts manual, an updated LKQ directory, or a chance to examine the car in person. They also don't have a shop that can tear down the car for a full estimate.

2. Remember that insurance companies operate with the law in your state. Insurance companies are not trying to screw you, they are doing what is allowable by your state's laws. Have a problem? Write the state senate. You can go to any number of companies to buy the exact same product. For most companies, the price will be more or less the same. Where insurance companies make money is by keeping customers. So no, we're not out to screw you. The exact opposite, in fact. I've bent over backwards to help a$$hat customers and do more for them than I should more often than I've actively worked to screw somebody.

3. I cannot give you rate quotes, or answer questions about why your rates are higher than somebody elses. I'm an adjuster. I write estimates and settle claims. If you have a question about your rates, call your insurance company and ask to speak to the Underwriting department.

Want to share accident stories? Ask for advice in a certain situation dealing with an accident? Go ahead. If you're looking for a sympathetic ear about how XYZ Insurance company screwed you out of $25 dollars because there was another car in Western Zambezi that had a slightly higher selling price than what they gave you for your total, then GTFO.

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