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I've been a PropCas accountant at a large insurance company for a year and a half, and have been looking to make a switch into either Claims or U/W for quite some time now...with that said, I got a couple questions for you guys:

NOVABimmer - How do you like being in claims? What would a "day in the life" of an adjuster be like? What background would you need to work in claims?

wrighterjw10 - Same question as NOVABimmer - How do you like being in underwriting, and what is a "day in the life of an underwriter" like? My company's background prefers you to have a degree in business/finance-related, but they put you in an underwriting associate position first (regardless of what your degree was in) before transitioning you into becoming an actual "Commercial/Personal/whatever Underwriter"

Thanks in advance!
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