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Originally Posted by 217Bimmer View Post
what kind of an investigation goes into a car that is totally stripped down for parts? is it common for people to strip down their own car, take insurance money, and sell the parts? is there some sort of insurance record which other insurance companies can see claims and deny based on that?
are you asking about, like, a fraudulent theft claim? Every total theft (ie, the entire car is taken, not just broken into and some things taken) get a pretty big investigation. It is outside of my area, though, as our Special Investigations Unit takes care of those investigations. We get weekly stories from SIU, though, about some pretty elaborate investigations. If you report your car as stolen, then it's found torched in an open field, your life is going under a microscope. We can investigate bank records, loan records, talk to neighbors, friends, family, local police.

Now, if your car is a total loss, and let us keep the car but strip it down for sheet metal and interior before it gets taken, our salvage return is going to get significantly cut, and we're going to talk to you about getting that money back.

And yes, insurance companies talk to each other.

I'm not entirely sure what kind of situation you're asking about, but I hope this helps.
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