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Originally Posted by pointman View Post

Hit at red light from behind. Rear bumper is scuffed up.. almost positive it will buff out. Buuut I feel a bit of play in the center of the bumper when I push it. I want to have my dealer check it out. Just curious... I am sure the damage is gonna be less than the girl's deductible. Normally my dealer would contact the insurance company and deal with them, leaving me alone. But what happens in this case? Do I have to deal with girl? Will dealer still take care of everything?

depends on the insurance company, etc.

Your best bet is to have the car checked out at a body shop. Bumpers, being plasic piece mounted with plastic tabs, will tend to have play in them. It's possible that a tab was torn, or that a clip came loose. It's possible that you never noticed it before the accident. This happens quite often, believe it or not. The first time someone takes a really hard look at their car may be after an accident.

But yeah, have it checked out by a bodyshop, and they'll be able to point you in the right direction from there. General rule of thumb, if your fingernail catches on a scratch, it'll take paint. If not, it should be buffable.
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