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Originally Posted by delmarco View Post
Thanks. I'm glad someone appreciate my efforts to spread the word on these DIYs.

The mere fact that the ECU has the "capacity" to recognize that there is an MK4 Navigation in the car sort of suggests that coding is pertinent to the function of the entire navigation retrofit as a whole.

Since I coded my Nav I have had no issues. In fact the Navigation is perfect and better than all the Tom Tom Go devices I've had in the car in terms of start up and location recognition time. It is a fact that the MK4 uses the car's ABS and/or wheel speed sensors to determine precise location of where the car is relative to the map.
wow. you just encouraged me to sell my 330 non-nav for one with it already installed. Great work on the DIY. Very good info!

Cheat Sheet:

GT1/ISIS/MoDiC = Factory authorized diagnostic system used by BMW dealerships across the world.

NCS Expert = BMW Factory R&D programming tool available on the internet (not intended for the public and not available to the dealership network)

OEM = Genuine BMW part only available from a franchised BMW dealership.

DME = Engine Management Computer
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