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Got screwed by user J Cruz (BEWARE********BEWARE)

J Cruz sold me a fake Gruppe M TI exhaust and claimed it was genuine!

The sale prize was $800.00, which I paypal'ed to him minutes after getting confirmation from J Cruz that this is a genuine Gruppe M he is selling.
Waited a few days and received the exhaust well packaged and shipped on time. All good, so far.
Opened the box and it was immediately apparent that this is not a genuine piece. The first thing the stood out was the look.
It didn't even look like titanium!
Second, no authentication plate.
Throw the thing on the scale and the scale jumps to 22lbs straight away.
So I start to inspect the exhaust further and notice a big dent in one of the cans. There's little rocks stuck in between the exhaust tips too.

At this point I'm pretty pissed, so the next day I take it to a fab shop and they confirm to me that it is NOT titanium.

So I write a polite email addressing my concerns about the authenticity of the exhaust and this is what I get back.

This is his reply:

"With all honesty, there are so much confusion on the web as to a
genuine Gruppe M from (Japan) and one distributed for (North America). I
have yet to physically hold an actual Gruppe M from Japan
, I've only come
across the version I purchased and sold to you."

Shady, shady indeed! If he has not held an actual Gruppe M exhaust, why would he sell a Gruppe M exhaust as genuine. Does he not understand the meaning of the word genuine?

So I contact J Cruz and suggest he give me a partial refund or refund my money in exchange for the exhaust.

So here is what I get back from him:

"I will simply refund your money.

Once received, I will inspect the package making sure the exhaust is
exactly how I sent it to you. Once confirmed, I will issue you a PayPal in
the amount you paid for the exhaust

Are you F-ing kidding me? I sent him money no questions asked. He screws me over, and then has the nerve to ask me to send him the exhaust back without my money first.

So obviously I write him back saying that I wont let him screw me twice. He has NO credibility at this point, and I have plenty. It's pretty simple. I'll send him the exhaust if he sends my money first!

Another email comes back to me where he quotes me.
It goes:

"Your statement clearly says: 1) I return the exhaust to you and you
refund the full $800.-
(Your statement is clear and concise: you will return
the exhaust, and I will refund your money. NOT, I refund the money and then
you will ship the exhaust.) Doesn't work this way. Period."

What the hell??? Since when does "and" become "and then"???

At this point I'm really tired of dealing with this guy. He simply does not understand the concept of a fair deal. I emailed him back again pretty much explaining why I can not trust him with my money and the exhaust at the same time. He committed fraud and therefore I can not trust him now................... fair enough, right?

Anyways, I emailed him, called him, texted him and have not heard back from him for a week now.:thumbsdown:

So there it is............ Just warning anyone who's thinking of dealing or buying anything from J Cruz in the future.

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