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Yeah, I have bought from a lot of people on e-bay and so far I have had excellent dealings with people. Sometimes you get something that you may not have "thought" what you were getting. Most of the time you have to read the descriptions very well and never assume anything. If something does not state exactly what you are expecting then I would ask and have it verified. Only one time did I have an actual legit beef with something I bought used. It was described in excellent condition, and it had photos as well. Only thing you could not tell was that the locking point was torn away from the angle of the photos and there were some very small holes in the material which did not show up in the phots - far from being excellent as described. Anyway after much e-mailing and hunting this person down as to where to call for him, I was able to return the item and get a refund.

But like most people here stated, I had to trust the person again....which was a big one for me......and send the item with signature requested to make sure the f'er got it, then follow up with several phone calls to get my money. In the end it turned out good, but was still out the shipping back, or at least half the shipping back in my case.

Some tips for you in the future, if on ebay, always check the sellers ratings, I'll still buy from someone with bad remarks given that they sell like a thousand items a month with one or two complaints - will always have that for one reason or another. Never assume something is OEM or brand unless you have something to compare it to even if someone slaps a sticker on it. Never assume a picture that shows something that is supposed to be glass can actually be plastic unless it states it is glass (example I see all the time is fog lights where they call them out as oem 1. they are not and 2. they are plastic lens instead of glass), watch for wording like 'OEM fitment' or 'OEM style/quality' or several other variables in which case they are not OEM. If you get something shipped wrong or broken from the start, always take plenty of pictures of it from every possible angle, include the box it damaged, include something with the date if possible and detail everything wrong "BEFORE" you ship it back so no one can complain that the damage happened in your possession or on the way back to them. If expensive, always insure, and always ask for a signed delivery no matter what the price so you know they actually got the item so they can not claim that yeah, UPS delivered it but left it on the door step and someone must have walked off with it.

Remember, a lot of people are good intentioned and maybe the ding or damage to them is perfectably acceptable under normal wear and tear but totally unexceptable to you. In my case above the item came from a salvage so to them it probably was in excellent condition given the facts but to me was un usable. Did they misrepresent, probably not. Were they familiar with what that part was supposed to look like, again probably not. Opinions vary as to grade and quality.
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