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Originally Posted by newtuner View Post
thanks guys, right after I typed that in I got it. I had the OS installed but not bolted in. I wasn't sure how much I could flex the hose so I just went for it. I had it bent a bunch under the Intake manifold. It surprised me when it clicked in as I didn't expect to get it so fast. This project is on hold until I can get my greasy hands on a return hose for the top as I only got 3 out of the 4 hoses I need. I have 3 more corners to change Pads, Rotors and Brake lines on. Then comes the FCAB to do as well. Then finish the oil change and bleed the brakes. I couldn't believe how worn down my brake pads were until I saw the new ones. Thanks for the support guys.
Make sure u get the vacuum hose too. That one broke and lead to a problem for me. From what i heard they are generic and u could get them in any parts store.

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