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Primo TTS Nuance Voices

A member recently requested a write up of getting TTS (Text To Speech, which pronounce street names during navigation) voices working on Primo 1.1.
There are two different types of TTS voices for Primo, one is Loquendo and the other is Nuance.
I prefer the Nuance TTS voices since they sound more natural and consume less memory which is good since the Dynavin unit has only 64MB of memory.

Firstly you need to download the Nuance TTS voices, there are three different English voices available (I personally prefer the Great Britain, Holly voice).........
Australian - Karen
Great Britain - Holly
US - Samantha

Download Australian - Karen (Nuance and Great Britain - Holly (Nuance

And download US - Samantha (MobileNavigatorTTSNuance-English.rar) here (password to open this downloaded file = MOBILEPASSION.ORG)

Once you've downloaded the files you need to extract them to a folder on your computer using Winrar or Winzip.
Now you can copy the files to your Primo folder, so for instance using Karen AU as an example, the following folder and file structure should be like this (folders are in bold text).........






That's it, now you just choose the TTS voice you want in the Primo settings.
Note that when you choose a TTS voice the confirmation test sound takes a little longer than the regular non TTS voices.

On a side note, for a bit of fun and to impress your friends, (or make them think you're a complete knob) you can edit the Nuance TTS voice to say your name when you are over the speed limit.
Go to your main Primo folder then go to the content\voice folder
Then double click on one of the Nuance TTS voice .zip files, I use Winrar to edit .zip or .rar files which I find better and easier than Winzip, when you double click on a zip or rar file with Winrar you're not actually extracting the file (which you don't want to do here), you're just opening it to edit it.

Now that you've opened the Nuance TTS voice zip file (I'm using UK Holly here as an example) you should have this screen......

Now Open the info.ini file by double clicking on it and you will have this.......

I've shown an arrow next to the line that you can edit so the voice will say your name when you are speeding, of course you can type whatever you want in there but keep it short otherwise it may have problems.
So play around with it and see what works, when your finished editing you then need to save the file by choosing File at the top left and then choose Save.
You'll then get a small dialoge box pop up asking if you want to update the archive, choose Yes.

Note that the only downside with TTS voices is that for whatever reason they are not as loud as the regular voices, I found this entry that you can copy into your Primo sys.txt file which increases the voice volume although I haven't tried it myself yet so I can't confirm whether it hepls or not so give it a shot and see if it helps and if it doesn't then just delete it from your sys.txt file.
**EDIT - I can confirm that it certainly does increase the TTS voice volume quite a bit **

And that's about it, I've tried to make it a clear and easy step by step 'cause we know some of you are slightly um 'challenged' with this sort of thing
Have fun.

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