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He then went on a verbal tangient with me for twenty minutes as to why the automobile needs a proper foundation of equiptment-sensitivity-that is prepared to handle the HP...and he made alot of sense. he said " all dezz kids-ripping out exhausts-bigger vheeeels-intakes!" thats why they have zsssoooooooo many problems! bigger vheeels cause ball joint problems,control arm problems,bushings wear out faster!!! 22" rims on a car designed for 16' or 17'' rims! not omly do sheyy loook stupid... the transmissions vill vhere away! You strip the gears, the larger the diameter the more power it takes to rotate the rim around!!! you wil eventually tear apart the CV joints...everything ruined....the improper balancing, steering units will fail! control arms will need be replaced too, alignments,........ intakes will in time sandblast the MAFS and you wil buy a new one for $300+!!! you can upgrade but not contradict the engineering design of the automobile! Now you say a supercharger???? imagine what the transmission wil look like after 5000 miles with the constant reving of rpms for a car that comes stock to handle 185 HP! He went on and i listened...he was 100% right. Want to have HP? purchase a car that is desined to handle and deliver it...a M3! or purchase the proper equiptment to do it!!! lotsa $$$$$.
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