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Originally Posted by Beans562 View Post
i just ordered a keylock cylinder repair kit off ebay from turkey, it took about 3 weeks to arrive. removing the keylock cylinder from my door wasnt easy.. took me about an hour to finnally take it off it was just stuck in there. i thought there was another screw somewhere in there so i decided to take the door panels off... big waste of time, there was no other screws holding it in place. i put the door panel back together and kept pulling and prying with my screw driver and it eventually came off. it took about 5 mins to put in the new replacement parts from the repair kit. i poped it in the door to test it out and it works great! but while screwing the allen in, it slipped off from the screw driver and fell through the hole. had to take off the door panel and find the screw and put it back together. in the end, i was happy. the dealer wanted to charge me $130 for a new keylock cylinder. i bought a repair kit off ebay for 15 bucks and saved $115!
I did look at the ebay lock repair kit and was 20, thought the genuine article for 37.37 was a less risky option, glad to hear the lock repair went well. It also worried me that if bits of the lock drop down into the door it would be a take-apart of the door, and seems from other posts its not recommended to disconnect the airbag when you're working on the door unless you want the airbag light lit.
Apologies for not mentioning this earlier, but think all the people who have contributed to this post are great, as would have been sending the car into a dealer without this info.
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