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Originally Posted by TRBOVNM View Post

I ended up getting the Primo from Chase and it works much better than the one I tried putting together. There must have been a file or something missing in what I downloaded. I looked at the sys.text file and it has the dynamiccompressor section in there, but not as much info. He did have some TTS stuff in the program, but it never worked he said and I never tried it. Here is what he has in it


I was just going to replace it with what you included in your post above. That is corrrect right?

I do have a backup of what I got from Chase. I am changing a copy of it.
Yes I've tested the sys.txt entry that I posted which increases the TTS voice volume and it works well.
You'll then need to experiment with the master and navigation voice volume settings in Primo to a level that suits you.
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