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Originally Posted by one thumb juan View Post
So you find one with even lower milage with more photos? lol You where really quick to call me an asshat and say you've dealt with a million people "like me." If there are any REAL buyers the motor is still available.
The reason I have not responded and you're still holding onto it is because that is the filthiest 600mile engine anyone has ever seen. On top of the corrosion taking place on the aluminum and steel damper, it has an M50 intake and M50 fuel rail. It's just odd to see a 600mile engine, not even past break-in, so messy and modded.

Like I stated before, you've done a poor job describing this engine. You still need compression, leakdown, picture resolutions that match the year 2010 to name a few. Clean the damn thing too... my god, you're asking a lot for what's shown.

Don't get nice and then mistake my silence after seeing what you had to offer as a way to call me out. I kept quiet because I didn't want to hear anymore crap if I had expressed my shock of the condition. Now I read that...

I think Good luck sums up this thread pretty well. Lots of it.

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