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Hey guys,
Let me know Ive got a simialar prob,,car sat for 10 months,,,Long story short would idle,,found cracks in the all the tubes and replaced the ccv and tubes,,,,Idles perfect now but in 5th(auto) on the hwy idle bounces up and down, and can feel the car not right,,,Driving me nuts,,,only code was po444 on the cheap machines,,,but looking around on here,Hell it might be the Disa valve,,,a vacuum leak(again),,o2 sensor,cat,, dmu,, now read may be a tranny prob...But if i put my cruise on it kinda holds steady,,, I may take to dealer just to see what codes they pull up,,,but gotta save up the 135 hook up price,,,, tired of pulling my hair out,,,and just cant keep throwing parts at it,,,
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