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Nice, alot more extreme than what I have.. I have no pictures I used to have a Cobra w trunk mount antenna and speaker along w my passport 8500 x50, but I took it off bc it scratched up my trunk and all NC truckers talk about is bewbs. College is 3 hours from home and used to have to head home often and visit friends at other schools and what not. My roomate freshman year had a 328i e46 black with black wheels and we both had 5% tint and CBs. We would do work at night, especially the memorable "Operation Haul Dick" and "Operation Haul Dick round 2". I have since matured and do not set cruise control at 120mph + for extended periods of time. Eisenhower Interstate system was my b!tch.

While doing this I strictly followed all autobahn rules and stayed in left lane till passing someone and used turn signals for lane changes. I grew up watching my dad tear up the autobahn. Early 90s in a v12 750 then a slow ass (armored) s600 various other sweet machines and this year a 2011 221 s class (6 cylinder, but still fun as hell).
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