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Thanks beepers, and I enjoyed reading that Operation Haul Dick I and II

Originally Posted by BadBoostedBmwM3 View Post
Wow, you should definitely be able to speed wherever you want. BUT, if you get pulled over the police officer might ask some questions.

BTW, what is the detector that you have a picture of it saying "HP."
Most Pennsylvania State Police still use the normal 15x.xxx frequency bands but some are moving to skynet. Skynet is un-monitorable which sucks for scanner listeners. It's the bigger areas that have more money to put out that get the digital or un-monitorable systems. Everything here in central Pa is still monitorable and I'm not worried about them changing up anytime soon. Yeah it might not be good if I get pulled over. The antennas and my straight pipe exhaust seem to get cops attentions.

That picture is of the Uniden BCT-12 scanner. It's was actually made in 1996 but works great. I always have this set on HP (Highway Patrol) to listen to Pennsylvania State Police.

Let's not forget this is not just for being able to speed! I'm at the airport everyday and I like listening to air traffic control while I'm eating lunch.

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