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Originally Posted by dreamdrivedrift View Post
I had a Cobra 19, Uniden Speaker, & Wilson Lil Wil + Droid Incredible running Trapster + V1 radar detector setup in my Forester XT, but took the CB out since I'm selling my car.

When I get a E36 M3, I'll probably upgrade the antenna to a larger trunk mount antenna, throw in an inline amp for the PA system, and add on a LI Dual setup. Not sure what antenna I'll go for yet, though.

How are the scanners? I do a lot of highway driving in PA where they occasionally use would be great to be able to listen in and know where the planes are if I can do that with a scanner. How much can I expect to spend for a decent scanner setup?
That's an awesome setup you had in the forester. When you get the new cb antenna, check out the ones from Laird Antenex. Both Alex Roy and the guy with the Blackbird use them.

The scanners work for most of where I drive. It really depends if a police agency is using the older technology (most do) or if they have moved to digital or something you can't listen to such as skynet. Digital scanners can be bought but they're quite a bit more expensive. You can find most of the frequencies in the radio reference database.
I'm really not sure about the airplanes yet. I know they use them a lot. The plane and helicopter they keep at the Montoursville airport that I'm at school for are always in the air. My one professor does a lot of work on them so I'll ask him what frequency they use and I'll tune into that with the BCT-15. Keep in mind that aircraft don't use radar. They use vascar (white lines across highway, they time you from line 1 to line 2) to get your speed and call you into a ground unit. Keep an eye out for vascar lines and you shouldn't have a problem.

Scanners can range in price. I've heard nothing but good from Uniden so that's what I use. A BCT-15x like I have can be had for $200 new. The remote head was $170. The BCT-12 is great and it's small like a radar detector. You can find them for around $100 or less on ebay. I just want to hear more clearly with it so I'll be upgrading to an external antenna.
Digital scanners start at around $500. I may get one someday but really don't have any use for one yet.
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