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Originally Posted by TerraPhantm View Post
Is it possible to claim stone chips on your hood under comprehensive? What about bent or cracked wheels?
yes, it is. Remember though, that each separate rock chip is considered an "incident" and would require a deductible. Unless, say, you were driving behind a gravel truck that dropped a whole bunch of crap onto you. If you bend a wheel by hitting a pothole, yes that could also be claimed.

For an aftermarket wheel, though, you'd have to check with your insurance company and state to see what their coverage of aftermarket parts is. Some states and companies require an additional rider on your policy for any customization. I know in Virginia, we'll cover up to $1000 of aftermarket parts on the basic policy. After that, you need to let us know about them, and we'll adjust the policy from there to cover the aftermarket parts.
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