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Originally Posted by The Thomas J View Post
How did you get into this field. I've always been intrested in it, & in the past had given some thought to get into it but never really knew how. I also have been making a pretty good living in the Trucking industry. I have 18 years in the Trucking & frieght forwarding industry & currently own a small trucking company, but with the economy the way it has been the past couple of years new CSA regulations & another reduction in driver HOS, not to mention sky rocketing fuel, maintence, tolls & a decline in over all rates, i'm thinking I need to prepare for life after trucking.

Could you provide me with some guidance. I'm in NYC & I would enjoy field work as i'm used to being on the road for most of my day every day.
Just check out the company websites. I had a friend that worked for my company and suggested I apply. I filled out the application on the website, had a couple interviews, then I was in. I did three months of paid training, one at our regional HQ in Virginia Beach, one at our national training center in Northern Virginia, and then a final month at VA Beach again.

After that, I worked in our drive-in center, then moved to a shop of my own. I did some field work for a while as well, but I really enjoyed working in the direct repair shop. It gave me a lot more control over the quality of the repair and I had a much more direct impact on my own metrics.

But yeah, just go to the websites for the different companies, State Farm, GEICO, Progressive, Allstate, etc. Even your local smaller companies. They all should have a "careers" or "jobs" tab on there somewhere.

Did I go through college thinking "Man, I really want to be an insurance adjuster" though? No, definitely not. But I do enjoy the work for the most part.

Having the mechanical knowledge is only half the game, though. We used to hire people based on having automotive experience, but learned that they tend to suck on the customer service side. Now we hire people that are good on the customer service side already, because it's easy to teach the parts of a car.

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