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Yeah the reason I would be interested in the scanner is because the airplanes use VASCAR (actually I think ground units do too in PA). Only state police in PA are allowed to use radar. State Police ground units could use VASCAR but the lines are spaced so far apart (on highways), I don't think they would. They are much easier to see from the sky. It would be really nice for me to know if there are any birds in the air. Does your scanner pick up trunking systems? Yes, the BCT-15X does. Do you ever get any useful info on the scanner? It depends. I have heard them say their location and it was pretty neat because I knew I would be going by there within a few minutes. I read that most of the stuff you hear is just cops chatting and so there really isn't much reason for me to get it unless I can get some useful CM information out of it. This is true. You normally just hear what's going on, what the police are doing. A radar detector and cb in much more valuable when it comes to avoiding speed traps.

Also, why does it seem like a lot of people running scanners have multiple scanners (e.g. you have a Uniden BCT-12 and a BCT-15)? What kind of range do you get with the CB with the tow-hook antenna?
I got the BCT-12 as my first scanner because it was small, cheap, and has 800MHz coverage. Most police in central Pa use 15X.XXX MHz. I got the BCT-15X because I wanted a newer scanner that had triple trunking technology. The 15X is a little confusing to use because I don't have it programmed yet. The BCT-12 has all the US police frequencies pre-programmed which is why I always put in on HP to listen to state police. Pretty much I use the BCT-15x for town cops/ambulance/aircraft and I use the BCT-12 for state police.
I'm really not sure what the range of the cb is.

How thick are the VASCAR lines? I see a lot of thin white lines going across the highway when I drive on 81 (I pretty much take 83 to 81 all the way into NY) but never know which ones to worry about... Pretty much any white line that goes across the lane should be considered VASCAR lines to be safe.

They seem to be spaced out every .3 miles. At least the ones here are..


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