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Originally Posted by dreamdrivedrift View Post
Damn those setups are sick. It doesn't look like a scanner setup is that much of an investment, I think I will look into them more.

Where do you buy your Laird/Antenex antennas?

EDIT: Did some digging - looks like a lot of PA is switching over to PA-Starnet Opensky. Scanners can't pick up the OpenSky system, right?
They really don't cost that much. I just like being able to hear what's being said. I'm 99% sure the BCT-12 saved my as$ a few months ago. There were two state cops driving in the slow lane doing between 50-55 in a 55 zone. There was a Ford truck in front of me that passed the cops. Right away I hear Cop1: "Traffic Violation!" Cop2: "What?" Cop1: "The red Ford has a clear license plate cover" Cop2: "Don't worry about it." Listening to that, I decided to pull in behind them and not pass or I would have probably been pulled over for the 20% window tint that I had at the time.

You can get them through or You also have to get a drill hole mount, trunk lip mount, or a magnetic mount separate.

Good scanner antenna -

Here are the CB antennas -

Yes, some of Pa is switching to OpenSky. It's very expensive and they can't even communicate with other police agencies who don't have it. I think it's a bad idea. I'm pretty sure there was one county that went to OpenSky but got out of right away. I'll have to read up on it again.

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