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Originally Posted by AMG Killer View Post
well it wouldnt be the accelerator module rather but the poteniometer that measures the ressistance and sends a signal to the throttlebody's
Hey now, careful with those big words, haha. Bently's says there are two pots in the module and Ill be checking them both over Thanksgiving. Do you know what the range and tolerance for the pots are? Bently's doesn't have that info. Also is there a good resource for more advanced technical info like i/o voltages and resistances of different sensors on this car?

While this seems like this is a good place to start, I am still not very convinced this is the problem. it doesn't occur when the car is not under load, i.e. the car is in neutral or the clutch is pushed in. I would think if it were something in the accelerator pedal, the problem would occur 100% of the time regardless of weather the clutch was in or not. Are there other potentiometer type sensors in the gear box somewhere?

I also want to clarify that this is not the Stick-slip effect explained here:
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