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Originally Posted by TerraPhantm View Post
Nah, it's not so much the year of the car that makes the difference, but the year of the siren. If you got yourself a newer siren, it'd sound just like mine without having to recode anything. I'm not quite sure when the cutoff was, but I know 2001 sirens definitely had the digital sound (my dad used to have a 2001 X5 which made the same noise as my E46, albeit quite a bit louder).

I think the previous owner of your car got a siren from a '99 car or something along those lines. Maybe even grabbed one from a pre-facelift E39 since the E46 bracket fits fine on the E39 siren.

I personally prefer the digital sound, but it's not a big deal. They all accomplish basically the same thing, and the actual siren part sounds similar.

Does it sound like mine? If so you've got an OEM siren too, just the newer style one. They're interchangeable though, so if you like the old one better, you just need to find one and swap it in. And the siren itself has a NiMH battery in it, so it'll go off if you remove the terminal (at least the new style ones do. I'm not sure about the older ones like delmarco's)

Yupp yours and mine sound identical!
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