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Originally Posted by stukreit View Post

I've just been through these systems on my 2000 528i,
actually, a bit deeper. The whole intake manifold had to come off
to replace disintegrated plastic coolant pipes. I have 2 issues
still nagging me:

1) The upper/lower intake boots don't mate up well. The ICV
must be aligned properly, because the engine starts and runs
fine. Where should the alignment tab on the lower boot go?
A couple of photos of a properly installed one would be nice.

2) The throttle body was stuck in its bore. Upon loosening/cleaning things, I noticed the setscrew was not operational, so I adjusted it to the slightest stop. Kind of amazing that the thing never got stuck in 10 years of operation. Has anyone noticed this screw and tinkered with it?
The lower boot has a tab on it and the tab needs to be between two guides on the bottom of the throttle body. If you use your fingers to feel at the bottom of the throttle body you'll notice the two ridges. Once you install that make sure you removed the old plastic coupler from the old intake boot so you can reuse. You can't just connect the upper and lower intake boot together without that plastic coupler because the upper boot will not align properly. Everything else is simple plug together.
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