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Originally posted by BudMan2003
good to hear... did the cat die yet?

No,not yet.....

but i know how to teach my cat what to do and what NOT to do (NO KITTY.....BAD KITTY....THAT'S MY CHEESY-PUFF KITTY!!! )

already once she flown 5mt. away because I found her sleeping on the hood....

rhis time wasn't her fault at all....

(i was taking her to the vet, i had no case to put her in, so i put her on passenger's seat... after few turns she came on my legs and, who knows.. maybe for fear,maybe for emotions, start to piss.... i couldn't do i was driving!! just let her finish that mess.....figure me to the vet waiting to be served with a cat on my legs and all the pants filled of cat's piss...i thought that the ppl that saw me though that that piss was mine...... )

that's the story.....
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