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Wow!. I am new to this group and what a write-up with pics. Awesome!!

I wish I had this when I sprung a leak on my cooling system. Had to change out the expansion tank and the upper radiator hose. Could not pull the lower one off and since it was not leaking left it alone. Did not change out the waterpump etc as did not have this write-up. Will get to that later. Thanks for the link to the OEM parts. I paid nearly 3/4 of the price of the Tischer kit and just got the hoses and the expansion tank.

One method that I found helpful and one which I used - found it on the net - to pull the expansion tank out was...prop a hammer/or some other solid piece of metal (like a metal rod, pipe etc) onto a jack. Use a small piece of wood on the jack side and push the other end of the hammer/piece of metal on to the expansion tank. Raise the jack and the expansion tank will come off with relative ease.
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