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Originally Posted by El Polo View Post
Does this apply to M52TUs as well? because I've been reading a lot about the swap and am almost ready to do it, but I'm just held back by this:
Everyone that I've read about had M54s, and everybody still think manuals ALWAYS come with an electric. THIS IS WRONG!
Early manual E46 models have, like mine, a mechanical puller + an electric pusher.
My questions are: when did BMW throw away the dual fan system on manual cars? Is the swap really safe for manual M52TUs? Will a M54 electric fan work?
I've done it on my SC'ed M52TUB25

The pusher fan was removed to make room for the intercooler , and the mechanical blew to bits a couple thousand miles ago.

Had the car overheat during rush hour and finaly got an electric one , the one i got though was either improperly wired or was supposed to push air from the engine through the radiator(wtf?)

So i switched the fan's positive/negative and now it works like a charm , can leave the car idling for 20min or drive through 10mph traffic the needle won't move
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