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2 questions for you guys:
1- What's the 'connector cable' needed to hook up the green "REVERSE" signal off the back of the Dynavin directly to the fuse box, so that it activates the camera when the car is put in reverse? Going to take it in to a shop to get this part done, but want to have the right cable when I go. Need to know the connector on both ends (Dynavin side and the fuse box side)
2- Can anyone with an E46 SEDAN tell me how to pass the cable from the back seats to the trunk? I passed the cable along the side wall on the passenger side, but when I took off the grey trunk lining yesterday, I couldn't find a single hole where you can pass a cable from the back seat/cabin to the trunk. I know on a COUPE with fold-down seats, it's easy, but can't seem to find a way on my sedan.


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