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Originally Posted by tim330i View Post
Over a weekend following a holiday week giving me more than 24 hours to get back to you isn't unreasonable.

I was alerted to the issue of 'usernamehere' by another member and through some connection (which I can't remember now) I figured out this is another account from Jomar Saddler. As far as I know Joe Randall is just another fake name he is using. You can read about this POS here -

I've been in contact with the Maryland Attorney General's office numerous times in an attempt to get this guy put in jail, beat down, etc. So far nothing has happened.

I removed all his threads, see no reason to leave them on the site. What comments do you need on this from other members?

I don't mind not getting a response from you in over 24 hours, it is reasonable.

I thought it would be nice to have kept his fs threads in tact for "evidence". And it would be nice to hear from other members that have been scammed by this guy and discuss ways to get money back etc.
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