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Originally Posted by so simple View Post
2000 328Ci.

Car has about 85k on it, I've never replaced any braking component since I purchased it around 71k. Pretty much since I've had the car, the parking brake does not work well. If I'm on a slant or hill, the brake is pretty much no good. I have adjusted the brake both ways, by adjusting under the parking brake lever, and by following the Pelican article on adjusting at the rear wheels.

I was thinking about getting new pads and rotors, but was hesitant, because my braking system seems to work fine driving, just no parking brake. But I recently read that the parking brake is independent of rotors/pads and is a rear parking brake shoe?

If I replace the brake shoes, is it likely my parking brake will start working on hills etc? Also, is it a simple DIY or just let a shop do it?

The parking brake is independent of the primary braking system. There is a parking brake assembly (shoes, springs, etc.) inside the brake hat in both rear wheels, so anything you do re: pads & rotors will have no affect on the parking brake. I'd recommend taking off the rotor & inspecting the brake shoes & all other mechanical parts of the parking brake.

As far as the difficulty of replacing brake shoes I can't speak to that as I've never done it, hopefully somebody else can share some insight on that.
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