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Originally Posted by 95seriesbmw View Post
U pulled only the panel against the seat then. Pull the side panel off on the side ur running cables thru and you will see factory wires coming thru a black foam gromet. There will be some on either side you chose. you will also need to pull the back seat to do this properly. Its really not as much to pull out as it sounds.
At the very end of my try at it, I actually saw the bunch of cables leading into the trunk (from the rear seat edge on the driver's side of the car), as well as the foam covering that hole, but it seemed like there was no room to fit even the small RCA cable. I guess you're telling me there is? I guess I'll have to give it another shot! I didn't remove the back of the rear seats though -- didn't think that was possible?

Also, anyone else on the connectors for the reverse signal to the radio unit (Dynavin in my case)?

Thanks for the help guys!
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