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Originally Posted by BimmermanE46 View Post
Hey guys, the light to change my brakes just lit up on my 02 m3 and I wanted some advice on what to do. I was initially planning on only changing just my front break pads but the mechanic said it's typical to change everything ie: rotors sensor and pads. He quoted me $671 for everything(front). I have 80k miles on my car and my question is.. Is it necessary to change the the rotors? Is it typical not to change the rotors and just the pads and sensors. He quoted me 260 with labor for this. Any advice would help. Thanks guys
It would depend on the surface condition of the front rotors. Minimum thickness is only one of the parameters. If they are heavily grooved, resurfacing them may not be the best option. Rather, replace them.

If they are generally smooth and have plenty of life left, it is usually best to lightly resurface them to give the new pads a fresh start -- as well as dramatically reduce the chance of the new pads squealing. Yes, you technically can just run the new pads over the old rotors without resurfacing them (if the pads are the same compound), but the better shops won't offer that as the come-backs are much higher. They would rather do the job once and send you on your way than hear you complain at the counter in front of others as to why you aren't happy with their work.

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