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Originally Posted by 95seriesbmw View Post
i see this post is a little old but if your still planning on this take it from someone who has had one already, carputer is quite a bit of work and costly in the end even tho it seems cheap at first. The dynavin for e46 will likely do everything you want minus the heating controls for far less and be much more user friendly than doing a full blown car pc. Not saying a carpc isnt cool and unique but if i had to do it all over id just buy the dynavin and hvac relocation and call it a day.

Good luck on it.

Thanks for that info - I didn't know of the existence of the dynavin, but according to the website the dynavin does look good as you say. I don't see any IBUS interfacing though, so I'm guessing there won't be steering wheel audio control/cd changer interface?

I'm doubting now whether to actually do the carputer. The e46 is aging a bit, and i'm wondering if it's really worth all the effort and investment. My primary interest actually laid in the IBUS interfacing, with the carputer just there to give purpose to the IBUS interface and make the whole system look OEM. But we'll see....
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